Sunday, February 27, 2005

Suchai... truely an inspiration...

This psychopath is a Fun loving soul who makes ppl(esp
me laugh my intestines out) lol. He has some 20 odd
jokes and keeps on shuffling them and i can proudly
say most of them were modified versions of my very
original jokes, and still they are damn funny..Most of
the ppl in the class dint know his calibre until CAT
results came out, we the last benchers(rclamsv3g3) had
no doubt in what he wud get and he did....did it with

Amazingly positive in his approach and his self esteem
is one among his never ending list of admirable
attributes.........To be poetic

Attitude as straight as sachin's signature straight
speaks like a walking lexicon;
sings like elvis;(close to mustaine's voice though)
thinks like a genius;
acts like hanks;(except on stage)
solves like andrew wiles;(both are math wonders)
often utters a blunder;
still rocks you like a thunder;
All wise gals just surrender;
even i wud render;
if only i was born of a different gender;
"World beckons until he goes 6 ft under";

IIMs deserve you dude!!!!

Liabilities :
His pschosis know no bounds(he eats, sleeps
embarrassments, they mean nothing to him).

His temper (often hidden but easily invokable) is
vehement. He just utters rubbish when he's angry.He
does get back and think rationally if let to cool

P.S. Don't take in those rubbish, he just utters them
and he doesn't mean them.
Dude u need to chill out a bit....(lEaRn It FrOm Me)

i feel pity for all those who missed out on him in
these four years!!

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Vijay said...

good post on Suchai machi..Obviuosly he stands apart..Only thing abt the post is "learn from me"..dei OT adanguda..