Friday, March 24, 2006

Anti Aussie Syndrome

Anti Aussie SyndromeIf a team cant defend a total of 438.. gosh...

Big Bad Moon from the album "Flying In A Blue Dream" by Joe Satriani

I know... no mcgrath, no womeniser warne(dropped i believe).. SA dint have shaun pollock..
so it all puts things balanced...

probably the greatest upset ever possible.. ridiculing the concept of ODIs.. may be a side effect of 20-20 thing..
I guess Indians shld start playing 20-20... i saw the highlights of the australian inning, it probably wud have been the longest highlights if the provider decided to show every boundary for a single inning..
but it was a short film for 30 mins.. and the shorts looked surreal..
esp punter's... front foot across, ball comes to his hips and he bangs that for a six over deep square leg with his "innocuous" but extrememly effective short arm jab(almost like a flick of the pads)..

I was just able to see gibbs batting put in a 2 min package at the end of the highlights package..
unbelievable... i cant do something to that effect even if i was bowled to by a 4 yr old kid in my hall with a plastic ball
underarm with the walls of the hall being the boundaries... seriously speaking.. it was unbelieveable..
I had just seen Lara, sehwag, jayasurya and of course Sachin(during sharjah of course) play with immense fluency and arrogance....
relentless as he was left ricky and his "maytes" chokin for fresh air in that huge open space

Aussies made fun of murali when he conceded 10-0-99-0 against them..
Mike Lewis the victorian got 10 -0-113-0 far ahead of the great tamilians muthiaah muralitharan and thirunaavukarasu kumaran
the latter gave 97 and took 1 wicket(i guess against aussies)

For all the war of words said between the teams... Womeniser warne, the greatest leg spinner ever, mocked smith when the latter had challenged the aussies to beat them in their home, that "smith shouldn't be speakin the way he did, esp after losing to us in the most detrimental fashion"....
Fuck hole aussies need to learn one important lesson... no matter how good they might be... never ever ever let their squeaky incorrigible accented English words out too early and get away with it in the name of "psyching the opponents" during their illmouthed pre series press talks...
Like wat Prof.kamakoti said abt IIM managers "there will be one crore bank balance but no hair in the head"...(absolutely no offense for IIM mgrs.. i just like the way he said his views thats it)
"they might be the best team in the world, they have their mental disorders to be taken care off".. ponting will have nightmares till he dies, I'm sure abt it..
he may forget the 2003 world cup victory against the Indians but he wont forget this great match... esp because its on the same ground...
I saw the aussies reeling with joy in their dressing room when their team reached 400.. rightly so... but they dint even have an iota of wat was abt to happen
that afternoon...

Ponting wud have said to gilly "hey mayte.. u wanna roll ur arms over.. u can afford to"... I'm almost sure Indians wud have contained them... captaining was poor.. when clarke and symonds put the brakes on during the late 30's and early 40's overs
he brought back the legendary lewis... and helped vanderwaath make up for his poor bowling show..
I might sound extremely sadistic though i dont take pride in it..when i saw the aussies walking off the field(in the pic)
after boucher had slammed a boundary to win the match.. their faces made me euphoric... its may be because India lost to them very badly in the finals or anything else.... but its a moment I wud cherish and will be emphasized, italicised and underlined in a chapter about my cricketing life
in my autobiography...(or biography)

I wish Steve waugh was captaining this team( I can see some folks claiming it wud have been otherwise if he had captained.. but this is not for those hypothetical theoreticians) and I wish Gibbs said "hey steve u'd wish i had taken the catch that day and u had beaten us in this game"

to quote the histerical kollywood hero.. the deplorable rascals of all time "ilayathalapathi vijay"
Vaazhkai oru vattam maadhiri.. thoathavan jeipaan jeichavan thoapaan... from the mouth of a rascal the words as terse and sensible as Pascal the prgming language..

to an extent the whole match was like this stupid actors movie.. lotta action.. lotta fun.. and an unbelievable
climax with hero victorious..

Hey Aussie fans...need a tissue or something!!! LOL (I hope u r still a fan of AUS cric team)