Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A turning point - Part 2

Hope You had read what I had to say in my first part "A Turning point". If you haven't, just scroll down and read that ( if you wish to).

Yeah I almost died and never did I mention how it was a 'turning point'. There are certain things that wish happens to you, though you know you can bring up the change by yourself, you wish it happens to you on its own. May be that way its more permanent.

Lets see here, what has it turned?? It did change the attitude for sure. Life seems all the more merrier, I fear God even more now, everything seems possible or rather miracles seem not remotely but more of a probablistically possible outcome. One thing is for sure, the uncertainity of 'Life' was very evident from then on. Procrastination of good and happy things ran out of my life. Never ever would I leave a thing for tomorrow, esp if its related to 'fun'. 'Take it easy' attitude creeps in at the same time the 'beacon of hope' is always visible. Most important of all, I respect myself more, love my life say 10 times more than what I used to. It doesn't mean I was contemplating suicide earlier, but I can feel the inherent happy 'Vijay' in me more than ever before.

So people, please try to kill yourself accidentally and try to hope for a miracle and when it does happen, dont forget to see the change in you & more importantly don't forget to blog about it and I will drop in and comment on it.