Monday, January 31, 2011

A Good Bye

Isn't it true that we know not whom we meet,
while some make your heart wildly skip a beat,
there are others that make enduring them a feat,
the few with who you dream, hang out and eat,
its with those that your heart’s free of deceit.

when they leave, you are lost and dazed in confusion,
but, embrace it even if it seems without reason,
for what you feel now makes you distinctly human,
no wonder they say, for anyone with an ounce passion,
cruelest and hardest are goodbyes in any season.

Love this poem written by Relax'singh' (and thats not me). I wanted to have a honest blog but somewhere in the journey of being a time-pass-blogger things changed and I felt it wasn't 'honest' enough. But I do know these are true feelings and thoughts of the author and to be precise even the author's friends and in fact its so universal that it had to be in www somewhere.