Friday, May 30, 2008

Return to Innocence

Tickets from Chennai to SFO for 2: 130,000 Rs.
Flight tickets to Buffalo for 2: 5000 Rs
Ride on the maid of the mist cruise: 1500 Rs.
Watching my parents become children again: Priceless.

There are some err... many things money can't buy, for everything else there is mastercard.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Clown? Ortist?

Masters Degree! 6 years of hard pointless education in a field which now I think is not suited to me and to celebrate that huge Fiasco they dress people like clowns(as shown left) in gowns(irrespective of gender;unisex, one size fits all cap... COOOOOLLLLLNESSSS) that would make any clown proud and make the whole world laugh and smile with you. May be that happy moment to all those who are watching(parents, friends, significant other, roadside stranger) makes the 6 damned years of 'bits and bytes' worth it. If you think that's a cynical view, you may be wrong.

My parents were glad to see me all Gowned up and pretty like a historic Greek Parliamentary Chick. Nice innit? Few of those clowns who thought they can contribute to the society in a small way and felt they still have some passion for their realm, made this beautiful innovative app for Orkut. Its called Ortist. Its something like MS paint. It lets people share scribblings. Those constant notebook scribblers and caricaturists like me would love that. It can do a bit more. It will let the receiver see the sequence of strokes the sender had made to create that final image. They do this with a 'play' option. One of my close friends helped Ortist become a full grown adult application with his insatiable enthusiasm. If you are in Orkut, you can try it out and am sure if you have little creative juice in you, you will love it.

I have lots of thoughts pending and I have very little time to write about it. They are getting lost in my brain. Hopefully that will change and I will blog more frequently in the near future.