Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grey Scale

When you are taking pictures, you neither want it to be too bright nor too dark. You want the picture to feel soothing to your eye, like 18% grey, so to speak. Its something I have learned over the years. Any walk of life, demands balance. Its about striking the right grey scale. I love grey. My little scribbling so to speak..........

My Sketches

Be good , be grey! Click the above pic to see more.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

jus cos everybody's doin it????

so, here he is, a specimen of modern day fad, a victim of lifestyle, doin that thing he does Or rather doin that thing
everybody does. Dressing up in clothes that do not suit let alone
fit, throwing up an attitude that a five year old would identify
as faked, twisting the tongue, probly the only movable muscle in his body, to try and pronounce the simplest of english words to sound "english",failing of course, Misearably. How long has it been since people have stopped living as themselves n started living to lifestyle or whatever??

It's pretty common these days to see people picking up everyday statements to brighten up their personal profiles. But at what point is it going to occur to them that everything thats there need not be taken home. May be this would be a good one to start with, everybody's pocket pet. A gazillion people own mobile devices that can take pictures apparently, play recorded music, off late record videos and a whole lot of other not so important crap.Now, im not against "capturing cherishable moments", supposedly, but hello!!, once all those clicking and saving happens , in most cases,I see what appears to be a picture, with blips of light here and there, looks more like the negatives of yesteryear. When finally you gather for a nice evening or chill-out session , out comes Mr.i-can-take-pics. Somehow when one dude comes out theres like this mating call and bam!! before you know everybody's out. I don't understand what kinda fun this is supposed to be although I should confess, after a loooooot of resentment, guess what, i joined the club. Because beyond a point people stop paying attention to you because they are busy taking pictures and posing for one at the same time.

next stop. FASHION. Somehow this has to be updated four times a year or probly more for some. The truth is chennai's summers hit 40+ and takes up like 4/5 ths of a year ,Ms.winter however visits jus for the heck of it. well except for last year. But the big names all have spring and autumn collections. for what???. doesn't it sound weird that when you dont have the season what ya gonna do with the closthes for it. If they dont have anything to do with the season in chennai why don't they name their stuff something like "the kathiri collection" for summer wear, or the "pot hole wardrobe" for stain free winter denims??..wont they be remotely appropriate??. Also, Why dont people stick to clothes that actually suit them. Everybodys wearing pants that cling on to the latter half of their butts. For Some it really looks cool. But its hilarious in most cases. Women have lost it too. Its true you wear what you like and to hell with everybody else. But it takes taste and sense to know whats good on you and whats not.After all aren't you selling yourself. You do wanna be an attractive package dont you. Unnecessary flamboyance for coffee shops and movies. Oh My God. Since when did attractive start to mean make-up for walking your dog. Do you realise thats its his "shit" time and you might be stealing his thunder.

And these are just a few obvious things. Its sad people dont appreciate their self anymore. Everything has to be done for everybody's sake. Its actually frowned upon to admit my favourite eatout is a small platform shop in a not so known corner of the city. Somehow your not so "happening" if you not doin the "in thing".Its been long since I stopped caring. But it certainly doesnt feel good with the air of artificiality all around. Phew!!!!!

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