Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i never knew

i was 6 months old and i swallowed a piece of poori(no teeth)
i never knew i would have digestion problems then onwards all my life..................

i was 24 months old and was admitted in a creche
i was reciting alphabets and rhymes better than the LKG kids
i was admitted into LKG right away
i never knew i was pandu until then

i was 4 years old and i pulled lit sparkles from my bro
my bro was castigated by my mom and he cried
i never knew that my mom scolds even my bro until then

i was 6 years old and i drove a tricycle down a 10 stair staircase intentionally
i never knew i was so very insane until then

i was 9 years old i guess, joined SSK to do my 4th std
i went into the ladies toilet and saw ^#%*^(^(*
i never knew i was inherently pervert until then

i was 12 and i stole money from house for the 1st time
i was not caught but still felt guilt
i never knew i too had some good in me until then

i was 15 and i was playing in beach water with friends
i was caught by a huge wave and lost consciousness for few mins
i never knew nature and GOD were that powerful until then

i was 16 and still had no mush and bierd
i did things i thought, would bring some changes
i never knew animal instincts were irresistable until then

i was 16 and i suddenly found myself nowhere
i had aweful scores in my board exams
i never knew life was not a easy ball game until then

i was 17 and i was euphoric for my 1st sem results
Though unexpected, unwarranted and undeserved
i never tasted the true flavour of victory until then

i was 18 and i was witnessing the mental maturity i was,
& i had undergone, though learnt a lot about myself
i never knew as a man i had huge uphill tasks ahead until then

So many crucial epochs has gone by and still when i morph through
my life there is something in me that hasn't changed;
all are born mad but only some retain the spark of madness,
i think my retention of the childishness has gelled my life all along.

I never know,One day I might become so mature mentally,
I lose my great gift and until then i will be the same old psycho
who lives everyday, does his insane works, gets embarrased
all along but at the end of the day says "what a great day!!"


Anonymous said...

hi ,
thats a lookback on all the special and trivial moments too in your life. U WILL ALWAYS BE A WINNER (cause those who learn from past experiences never lose)

தீபக் வெங்கடேசன் said...

Hi, accidentally landed into ur blog. this one.... ur chronological(!) recording of events is really interesting. Do blog more, will keep reading.... All the best!

Balasubramanian.R said...

Hi da Vijay,

Interesting to read........

Keep posting.............


the inward odyssey said...

21 now and i never knew you couldn't spell beard [bierd i believe]
jokes apart...what a journey