Friday, January 04, 2008

True Love

What is he? Is that a bat or a chisel that Michelangelo held? Is his mind as strong as that of Gandhiji's? Is it a straight drive or a stroke of a painter wielding his brush making his magnum opus? Is he the greatest sporting hero ever one could see in a life time? Am I the one of the gifted people to have seen him all my life, covering all his career? Does he hold the happiness of millions of hearts world over? Is he a genius ? Is he a legend? Is he human?


To watch his 38th century live on the internet over a poor connection, swearing comcast, more like a screen saver than a video, I bow in submission to this one guy alone for what he has done for the past 19 years.

The numerous goosebumps, the saliva swallowing moments when the heart skips a beat or 2, the euphoria which makes the eyes a little wet, I owe a lot of great moments of my life to this one man. The banner in SCG said "Commit your crimes now, because even the Lord his watching when Sachin's playing" and another one said "SCG : Sachin Cricket Ground" rather than Sydney Cricket ground.

I have never fallen love with someone, so I never understand the magnitude when I hear poets go gaga about their love on how they have gone 'speechless', 'lost in trance', 'short of words'. If I'm right, that is the exact feeling on my mind.

I'm just waiting for the article from Nirmal Shekar, sports editor for The Hindu, who worships Sachin. I remember his words, when the whole world was unjustly -a cliche, stereotypical homosapien trait of being cynical, Freud would call it mob mentality- asking him to retire, he explains the 'Potterisation' of this little maestro in this poetic article. If only you lowly souls can understand and feel the essence of his words. When I said I was gifted it entails/includes my ability to read Shekar's mind when I read that article. Yeah I'm bragging alright, but who cares, if only you could understand the euphoria that this genius little man brings to my life.

I potterise him. I have fantasized him to play innings he himself wouldn't have fantasized and that's were he transcends the boundary of being a 6 sensed human and becomes a God. The potential to remotely evoke extreme thoughts in the minds of people is what fuels him past that boundary. Every time I finish my excursion in to those fantasy lands and get my foot firmly planted on the ground, my scientific mind spits some rationale in to my imaginative mind, screams that this 5' 6" desi with few extra pounds is 'Yet another hydrocarbon' and not a God(whoever that is), that's when I truely understand his ingenuity. He is just a human. That's why he is a genius. If he were god, I would be booing him for his unfair potential. No, he is just another simple human being. His success is a symbol of love like the Taj mahal, for me it is bigger and beautiful than the 'Mughalian' monument. He is just another guy who loved playing cricket. If you think the poetic, legendary/cult movie Forrest Gump was an exaggeration of emotions and story telling in general, you are wrong. I was wrong. There are people who do things like him. Like the old man who weaved those baskets for 8 years straight, like the old man with a self woven dhoti drove an empire away, empire where the sun never set, like the normal human, who became the 'chosen one' because he loved trinity, like the guy who ran for 3 years and 6 months straight for no reason and who loved Jenny 'unconditionally'. This 'Yet another hydrocarbon' who became the chosen one because he truly loves cricket more than anyone else. Period.


Ankit said...

Well still amazed by that inning of Sachin but the whole Australian cricket teams cheap tactics made all those efforts futile

Vandana said...

Nicely written! Made me wish I'd seen that match, though I'm no fan of cricket.You worship Sachin, don't you? :)

Brat said...

I feel your passion dude, although Tendulkar's batting doesn't have the same effect on me as it does on you. For me, there's only one batsman whose batting really gets my pulse racing, and that's Brian Charles Lara. I don't mean to compare Lara and Tendulkar or anything (each is a genius in his own right), but I personally am of the opinion that Lara is the greatest batsman in recent times. Another cricketer I idolize is Steve Waugh (there is no one who can keep his cool at the crunch and perform like Steve Waugh).

germinal dreamer said...

@ankit: Aussies are mere convicts. Its after all a continent of convicts. With their ancestry being full of convicts and criminals, wat did I expect, being cheap is in their genes. They play veyr good cricket but they just dont know when to stop pushing for victory. They almost all the time when desperate do unruly things. Micheal slater in mumbai back in 2001, was a hooligan to say the least. Now he is sitting up there sucking up to co commentators on how to be good spirited and all that crap.

@vandana: I thot i conveyed that mesg, for the record, SACHIN IS GOD!

@brat: yeah, i'm a cricket lover first, Lara's batting was one ofthe finest. treta to watch more classy than Sachin, but theres something called consistency which he lacked. Sachin adapted, Lara never did, whihc in a way was good for him.

Brat said...

@Geminal: Yeah, Lara wasn't very consistent, but when he was in form, that high bat-lift of his would singlehandedly annihilate the opposition! The Aussies have been at the receiving end so many times! Its a pity that West Indian cricket has become what it is now. Gone are the days when Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh used to strike terror from either end! Ah, well, all good things must come to an end, I guess!

madhan said...

Sachin's innings was great ofcourse, Laxman's innings was so graceful like a surgeon, Ganguly is in such good form that he probably could have his eyes closed and still pierce the umbrella field on offside but all in vain as the cheaters still won by taking one pitch catches!

Macadamia The Nut said...

Kudos!!!!!! From one fan to another. It makes me want to murder when I see people compare Sachin with some of the newcomers. Belch! It's like comparing Niagra falls with tap water.

germinal dreamer said...

@madhan: yes one pitch catches. LOL.
this would soothe you!

@mac: yup couldn't have come up withan better analogy