Friday, December 21, 2007

The Dimple Episode

Lets go back to 1995, Aprilish time. Just when the school starts usually. This was my 5th std. There I was a newbie to school and excited as I was seeing a lot more kids than I was usually used to. My 4th std was in a school where I was the only one in the class. (Read it twice, thrice, yes its true , more on that on a different post). The one before that was in a villagish town called Thiruvallur, scarcely populated and schools were pretty small with 15 at max in a class and if I remember correctly they din't have walls separating the rooms, and to digress, I remember Radha's small pox vaccination on her shoulder and I cried out "miss, Radha has a poochi (insect) on her shoulder miss". So yeah, my excitement on seeing lots of children of my age group, was justified.

I was very shy back then. I will only ask for a leak if its truly a bladder burst situation. And on that particular day, If I had to wait for another minute, I would have died of internal urinage(a la haemorrhage).
I popped up my hand, with my little finger pointing skywards and the 'miss' said, "go quickly". I will have to appreciate her observational skills, urgency was apparantly apparant on my face and the body language. I was literally stamping my feet in tandem, 'march past'ing in my place.

And yeah, I ran like Forrest gump. That was the first or second day, and the first time I'm using that particular toilet. Because of the urgency and the less intuitive, bad interface, I was walking down uncharted territories, namely Girls Toilet. Doors where shut as I was walking by each one of them. All the while stamping legs. 3rd door was ajar. I slightly pushed it open, following which was easily one of the most embarrassing situations in my life. I see my classmate Dimple, pulling her pants up(first few days, we were allowed to wear color dress and she wore a barbie doll jeans that day), and thankfully her panties in place. Then I make the eye contact, she had this 'i-shit-on-my-undies' look, I was having the 'breathe-breathe-push -push-i'm pregnant' look with my hands in my crotch (just in case). I ran out, found the boys toilet, pissed off. Pissed off. The relief briefly overtook the feeling of embarrassment. I walked out, knees trembling, looking forward to a possible 'shortest dismissal(chucked out of school for premature promiscuous behavior)' in the history of Indian schooling. And she was standing, lean and tall(easily taller than me by 3 to 4 inches) and cute and angry all at once.

Dimple: I will complain to class teacher *knodding her head to mean 'u r dead baby'*
me: hey sorry, I thot it was boys toilet.
Dimple: ...
me: I'm new to school.
Dimple: what did you see?
me: just the jetty(panties)
Dimple: Promise? *lends her right hand*
me: promise.
Dimple: *wash your hands moron!!* ok. *smiles*

We walked back in silence to class, and we tacitly agreed not to tell this to anyone. The agreement was intact, until this post.


Brat said...

You did this in your fifth grade?? You ;-) You didn't realize that you were in the girls restroom, even after you noticed that there were no stalls around??

germinal dreamer said...

pervert is so very true.. but who isn't!
In that toilets, thr were never urinals to obviously differentiate, 6 rooms each and symmetrical... and utterly confusing for the first timer...

Macadamia The Nut said...

LOL!!!!! that was SO funny! "little finger pointing skywards..." lol!

Merry Christmas Vijay!

Macadamia The Nut said...

Hey there! It's me again. :D
Hope you have an incredible, funtastic, year ahead with everything your heart desires!

Disclaimer: Alcohol, drugs and botox are not included in the wish list. Hehe!

anN-series said...

that is the cutest post i read in recent times....and nice to see tht the dimple pact is still intact!!!!!

Sriram said...

dude 5th std and you had already begun! :) hilarious recollection

Srinivasan said...

Nalla irruku da... intha post...Keep goin dude...

Kedhar said...

"Run Forrest Runnnn.. Ruuuunnnnn Forrrreeesssstt Ruuuunnnnnnnn" hahahahahahahahaha