Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Midas Touch

I just couldn't resist.

Look at this for a shot. Brett Lee bowled a pacy bouncer into Sachin's body, Sachin sways back to avoid it and in the final moment of the ball passing decided to push it over the slip cordon, off the meat of the bat. This is why Lara is just a wee bit below Sachin in my books, Lara never adapted, was never consistent, nonetheless a genius by his own standards. Sachin is sheer Ghee!nius! Blissful.

P.s: 3rd Test, Perth, Jan 16th 1st day, Sachin was unfortunately given out on 71 which looked too high on the replay. India were 296/6 with Dhoni and Pathan at the crease at stumps.


hobgoblin said...

my liking for the indian cricket team constantly wavers...but sachin is one batsman i have forever liked.
believe it or not i have never seen him bat but im going to watch the ODI in feb at the Gabba and i'm looking forward to it.

Brat said...

Lara has his own improvisations, my friend! He may not be as consistent as Sachin, but many of his test innings, especially the ones where he scored in the excess of 200 and 300 were simply outstanding, and much more exciting for me to watch! Those are days when I can say with absolute impunity that no bowler in the world can get Lara out! And just for the record, no batsman in the world can play the hook shot better than Brian Charles Lara! Just my two cents worth! :-)

germinal dreamer said...

@hobgoblin: seeing Sachin for the first time in Gabba.. can we swap our lives?

@brat: Yeah rht! Sachin can, Punter can pull and hook equally well. Lara pulls well but never seen him hook ferociously, being a great lover I should have loved if it was that good, but nah, my memory deosn't seem to have him hooking. Lara was always 'might-get-out-anytime' types, thats mostly because of his arrogant immaculate stroke play.. its something he lived with and hence his inconsistancy.. on a day when i'm given a choice of either seeing Sachin or Lara on full flow, I would go for Sachin, because of his one shot thats orgasmic, his signature straight drive!! Lara's one legged hop and pull follows closely.

Aru said...

If i were to say i was a fan of sachin then it definitely is a understatement.
I grew up watching him play and have imitated his batting styles hours to gather in front of a mirror. I usually was in tears whenever he got out when i was a kid. !!
He is god himself..!

Sriram said...

wtf are you dreaming for less? why not dream abt the two batting together!! btw, that shot was awesome. lara may not be able to play shots of that kind, but he has his own array!