Friday, December 22, 2006

Perception of the fairer sex

Have you ever wondered how your own perception about something has shaped up the way it is?
Well I do. This post is going to hover about my perception about women in general, has shaped up to what it is now. May be someone from gender and women studies can use this as a excerpt of how a Indian thinks about women.

When I was a kid, about 2nd or 3rd grade, it really doesn't make a difference if its a boy or a girl. All you want to do is have fun and not pee on your shorts in class. Moms are exempted from this influential loop, because they are totally in a different plane. Though they form your initial perceptions.
Certain things told by moms are still fresh in ones thought process. Breaking the mould, thinking independently, especially denying their views is difficult.

I grew up and I was in a Co-ed school, and theres this sudden rush of boys vs girls thing. Class quizzes are more for this 'tacit one sided war' rather than accumulation of knowledge. One sided because I dont think girls were keen on beating us in exams. All they want is to be teachers pet and -for some- top the class. Theres this 'pick your opponent' scheme where the boy leader tells you whom to target and how miserable it is to lose out to that girl. As in the coach tells which player to 'man' in a basketball game and the POA for the term. So the sense of difference creeps in. This is probably well understood by the teachers, I mean, I remember one of the hot punishments during my middle school(5th to 8th grade) was to make you sit next to a girl. But I remember my first crush, I think she was my class monitor in 5th and she was the topper. Crush, infatuation makes no sense, I would say "I liked her" and thats about it. Its uncomplicated unconditional fleeting liking towards someone of the opposite sex. Rumour has it that she has eloped with someone(solace... ahaah).

Hmmm the teens... Girls mature mentally and physically much beofre guys do. So for a small short guy like me, it's dooms day. The big tall guys get into those fancy "couples" of the class list and guys like me wonder about how to make my moushtache grow faster, how to get taller and eventually how to be the girls guy? You become the heroes' friend who makes comedy rather than being the hero(the tall guy being the hero),like the likes of vivek, chinni jayanth, etc. My studies went hay way, but I din't give a damn. I have never been the topper of the class so 12th rank was no worse than 7th and I was happy with it.

Then the "pimple" years come by, where an oily faced guy like me, learns to tackle the pimples.
The pervert in me grew, and I think it was natural, after all every damn guy in this world is a pervert. Exceptions being the ones who hasn't seen a woman. This is that terrible phase of the teen, where one has to take the blows from all directions, the hook from the studies, the jab from dad, and the K.O punch from good looking girls you see in teens' hang outs.

I got acquainted with few girls in my class. I realised then girls can be real good friends. That they are a emotional sinks, patient listeners, very caring and helpful people. The notion that girls rant and rave about their problems ceased to exist, luckily I met the rarest kinds, the stoic ones. They are adorable in every sense. Since then there's this filter that prevents I-cry-for-everything, pink-color-loving, wannabe-sweet girls from being attractive and be repulsive. The respect for women in general has risen constantly through out my life, its still going up. I think its a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Very good one..The perceptions were a bit turning out to be like a "Male chauvinistic pervert" but well you ended the blog with a bang.That made me take back all the comments i was going to punch in!!Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Feels great to know atleast some guys have managed to finally grow up and change, their usual male chauvenistic perspective.

Kedhar said...

i loved the "not peein in the shorts" part the most.. lol

fasttrack_ravi said...

Nice blog. Do u think and then write, or you just pen down your thoughts and then land up with one.

I guess u do the second way round. If thats the case, its good...cos that in my opinion is impromptu...and probably more truthful.

If not, I might say lot of introspection only gives a falsified opinion as it might be dominated by existing thoght process...

Well, I just penned down some nonsense...and I am just laughing it out!

Have fun writing dude. I love your album more than the blogs. But this is a good section as well


germinal_dreamer said...

thanks.. i'm not so male chauvenistic..
biologically we are good at few things and girls are good at few things.. u just gotta take in that and live
there r lotta guys who r like me.. broad minded and yet single... darn!!!!!
you like the funny posts dont you... shall entertain you often..
yeah i do blog improptu... but i polish the way its written over a period of couple of days.. as & whn i find the time and mood to do so..

Thanks for commenting

the inward odyssey said...

awesome post.....although i felt you jus
touched each phase...i was expecting each
phase to be a post by itslef ;-)

as you mentioned the infant phase is universal so no guy differentiates between skirts n didnt i

lucky you...your pre-puberty phase was in
a co-ed environment..i went to an all boys middle, high theres no good reason i shouldve perceived anything at all..although that was compensated with a laaaat of drooling in any slight oppurtunity

puberty however was a tormenting phase..i am absolutely with you on that...even a feminine shadow can catalyze harmonal imbalance..make note i was still in an all boys high the effect was pretty bad

since the time i left school i think god decided to make it up to me....and have come across many diff women..and my
impressions and opinions have come a full circle..
So ever expect a woman to think the way you do...or agree to your values...accept them as they are...if pj's make them laugh..crack become a hero in no time

PS: if you think broad-"minded" is what they[by refering to stupid, immature women only] looking for up buddy...if u know what i mean. You deserve better-off single than with one of "those"

men cant live with or without women ;-)

Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said... hopped here..very nice post..hilarious and very true...

Brat said...

@Geminal Dreamer : I like it that you're very frank in your posts, that's what blogs are all about, saying exactly what you want to say, in a public forum. Regarding this post, I think that a person's surroundings (the school he went to, the people he hung out with, etc.) make a significant impact on his perception of women, or anything else for that matter. For example, there's probably a world of difference between a guy who went to an all-boys school where even talking to a girl is considered taboo (like DAV), and a guy who studied in a co-ed school where everything goes (like PSBB). Anyway, that's just my opinion. Overall, a good post, and good luck finding that elusive girlfriend who you're looking for ;-)

Suman Stephen said...

Nice one dude! kinda the average perception of girls of my set(2002) probably not your set(2005). was interestingly true for ur set and also like brat said, this perception differ's a lot.

Anyways I was looking for some cricket videos link but could not find it.

Macadamia The Nut said...

emotional sinks :O
well thank you very much :|
:D lol!

your final para was your saving grace ;)