Wednesday, April 02, 2008

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Being a rock music lover, I do follow Indian rock and its products. They come and go like lightning. There is Parikrama(probably the best of the lot), Sceptre, Moksha(Lead vocals passed away, Leon- RIP), Brahma, Pin Drop Violence(Nu, death, trash, contemporary metal), Thermal and a Quarter(again a mallu band, but vocals in English though, comprising of 3 mallus and a guy whose grand pa is a mallu and hence the band name; thermal ~ 3 MALlu, quarter- grandpa is 1 full mallu, dad is .5 mallu and the grandson is quarter mallu). I haven't heard any indigenous Indian rock band that vocals in their vernacular. There is a Tamizh rock band called Kashmir stones from Malaysia which had a good number or 2 and they faded into oblivion just like every other small band. Then, came Avial, from the God's own land. Musically sound, supposedly deep well written lyrics and very professional in their approach. I have been addicted to their music. Nada Nada was my first love but Karukara takes my cake, a beautiful composition. Though not a mallu, I feel extremely proud listening to them. I hope they are here to stay. We just have to wait and watch/listen. BTW I might get their Album this May. Thanks to Cassius.

Moving to silly things. My parents are flying this summer for my convocation and I'm already nervous. I almost brushed my teeth with my facial wash cream and the vice versa almost happened today morning. My mom was right, I can even forget my own ass at times.
I remember this quote from my best friend's apartment watchman and it goes like this:
"Manushanukku rendu idly; 1000 rooba note irundha, oora(soak) vechu thinniduvaya?". Funny and intellectual, I thought it deserves a place in www. There's this girl, who makes my heart beat faster everytime I see her, though not very often. Just like it happens when I see Shirya on the screen, only this is just a bit more intense and real. She isn't the dancer chick referred in the prev post.

I 'm not a big fan of tagging but I think this time I would give it a shot as I keep forgetting the thoughts worth blogging and time has become so scarce suddenly. Brat tagged me, but that wants me to be honest and I need an Ipod and it seems like its time consuming, so thats for laters. So I'm going to oblige Macadamia the nut. Here goes :

Last Movie I saw in theatre:
worth watching

What book(s) are you reading?
Fountain Head and 'The name is RajiniKanth'
The latter is badly written and if not for the content, I don't think its worth the 1000 Rs shipping cost i spent on it. The former is lovely so far.

Favorite Board game:
Dhaaya kattai - the ones you see in mahabharatham.
Miss those summer family fun times.

Favorite magazine:
Reader's Digest
Miss it in a way.

Favorite smells:
Mun(sand) vaasanai aka the smell that rises up from the soil, right after the first few rain drops.
I think I haven't had it for almost 3 years now.
Smell of Amma's rasam.

Favorite Sound:
when i call home and my mom goes "vijay chella kutti... eppidi da irukka?"
apparently she also bags the most annoying sound when she screams vijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to make me stop playing in my terrace and come back to do some home work.

Worst feeling in the world:
Serious: The feeling "I'm going to die", when I for sure thought wouldn't come out alive out of those rapids of Ganges, in Rishikesh, May 28th 2006.
Silly and Gross: You think its a fart and you let it go and it is actually shit. Shit!. My 'upset-tummy-24X7' days are gone, thankfully.

First thing you think of after you wake up?
Hope its 7 30, hope its 7 30... ah crap its 8 30, Not again!

Favorite Fast Food :
Kai yendhi bhavans (street side shops) of Chennai. Cheesy Fiesty Potatoes(i hope i got that right,i miss it every time) from taco bell.

Future Childs Name:
If its a girl, its Amudha. Boy, haven't decided
(@self: get urself a gf first u dickhead!)

If I had a lot of money I'd....
try to find a 1000rs bill, when soaked in sambhar tastes like idly!- courtesy Srinivasa Apts watchman. Have some and donate the rest, very realistic don't you think.

Do you drive fast ?
Depends on the music I'm listening to and the mood. If its 'Fuel' or 'Motor Breath' by Metallica or 'Highway Star' by Deep Purple.... i go 'gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire'

Do I sleep with stuffed animals?
seems like I have to in the near future. 23 yr dry patch.

My first car?
Toyota Scion Tc '08. My second love. First Love is my Mac.

Storms - Cool or scary?

Favorite Drink
Water, closely followed by Kaapi.

If I had the time I would...
{day dream, dance, sketch, play cricket, blog, read}.

Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
This Q is, IMHO, aimed at 'cho-chweet' girls. Supposedly very random and cute. My foot!

If you could dye your hair what color would it be?
Though I have substantial count of gray hair(i'm 23 and not 43), I wouldn't dye for life. I need to have something very big at stake to force me do such things. Like 'if you dye, Actress Shriya will date you' then I would probably think about it.

Name all the cites you have lived in.
I'm answering with the same hope an 'on-site' wannabe "Americanised desi" would answer this Q. Thiruvallur, Chennai, Chicago and now Sunnyvale.

Favorite Sports to watch.
Oiled women wrestling, Oiled women wrestling, cricket ... in that order

One nice thing about the person who tagged you.
My fav blogger friend, who happily agrees to disagree and as the name says,
a humourous wierd nut.

Whats under your bed?
An incomplete pencil sketch, 20 odd pencils and a putty rubber.

Would you be born as yourself again?
Of course. If any change, it would be me minus my lizard phobia.

Morning Person or Night Owl?
From a morning person to a night owl, now I have become the Afternoon Hyena.

Over easy or Sunny SIde Up?
Sunny Side Up

Favorite place to relax.
Kabaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore, closely followed by marina beach.

Favorite Pie.
None actually. Pi is more like it! BTW belated Pi day wishes.

Favorite Icecream flavor.
Dulce De Leche all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of all the people who you tagged who is more likely to respond first.
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the vettiest of all... warm sea.

People I tag

P.S You owe me a post with my blog name on it! Yeah 'you know who'!


Brat said...

First, about Indian rock forgot to mention Motherjane (again, from area). I did attend one of their concerts, and I thought they were pretty good.

Btw, when're you coming to Chicago man? I'm guessing your parents will be visiting with you....

Umashankar said...

this tag post reminds me of scrapbooks that are your last option to tell that girl, you had a crush on
I once wrote something crude about someone and it became an ugly scene.. hate that honest guy in me ;)

Umashankar said...

this tag post reminds me of scrapbooks that are your last option to tell that girl, you had a crush on
I once wrote something crude about someone and it became an ugly scene.. hate that honest guy in me ;)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Dei vijay chella kutti...!!


Sorry dude! Couldn't resist that one. I tried... seriously...

I simply loved this post of yours! Because there was so much humour, warmth, nostalgia... Ummm!!

P.S. Ok. Agreed! My next post will have your name it it.

It will be titled "On Monkeys, Maniacs and Madmen"

Guess which one applies?? lol!
Shall we agree to disagree.. again? ;)

germinal dreamer said...

@brat: oh yeah motherjane was kickass, they are the only band that can even try playing holy wars of megadeth. May 9th i guess, lets meet up in chi town dawg!

@Uma: i know... being the brave soul i'm wat did u xpect walk up and speak! shit that thot itslef is scary!

@Mac: dude, seriously i'm tired of being kutti. I think maniac suits me just perfect. See we have agreed to this.
for the translation, i will probably email u. mine is vijay dot kolappan at geemail dot kom. its kinda big, thats why.. if at all u seriously need the translation.

Macadamia The Nut said...

Got it Vijay KUTTI!
And yeah, I really want the translation! So get working!

Brat said...

Yup, I look forward to meeting you man! But we'll probably meet before that, when I come to Santa Clara! ;-)

Sriram said...

too bad that the 'Gabba doesn't find a mention..

germinal dreamer said...

@mac: Patti mole!
i have it ready.. whenever u want it.
send across ur email thru a dove or something!

@brat: santa clara it is.. hope u r hale and healthy this time

@sriram: technically wrong, i do mention srinivasa apts and thats were Gabba is.. err was. I miss that place. Damn! BTW u shld blog more often!

Macadamia The Nut said...

:O :O
Patti? The mallu patti or Tamil patti?
:O :O
It better not be the Mallu patti! Or you're going to get a letter bomb!!

germinal dreamer said...

@mac: are you even slightly aware of the dire situation you have put us both in. You are now responsible for any letter vedi anywhere near CA. It was orkut now blog..

Macadamia The Nut said...


Macadamia The Nut said...

Apology accepted but not published :)

Warm Sea said...

I totally concur with your mom about " you can forget your own ass" part and speak with certain authority cause of the 1 yr roomie chapter with you!!!
When are mom and dad coming here?

Sriram said...

well technically. The 'Gabba is/was whatever due to the cricket and the nuts that played there :)

And yeah, haven't posted anything in over a year. Cogn internal blogs have hijacked me! No access to external ones :(

Anonymous said...

Mam! Ore da laikolaima a iruuku blog. In any case this is what I found when I did a google:)