Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Marriages are made in heaven?

Recently (read as within a span of 2 days) I have come across incorrigible stories. Three stunning stories, from my Motherland. Alas.
Here goes the first one.

JALPAIGURI: A 36-year-old man married his teenage daughter and made her pregnant, justifying his perverse act by claiming he had divine sanction for his incestuous lust. What's even more galling is that his wife was the prime witness in the nikah of her daughter to her husband. Full Story.

Damn, is it just me or can somebody perceive what's happening. When I first learned about the concept of homosexuality, I have wondered, how on earth such feelings even existed in some. Now I have come to terms with it, I assume they are genetically different in their brain wiring and its not like Newton's 1st law which everyone can understand and appreciate. But this is beyond blasphemy. For christsake that's his daughter. The guy got released with no charges. She is 15 years old, wasn't that an offense? This is polygamy at its extreme. Killing in the name of god. We have come to terms with it. Polygamy, pedophile and incest in the name of God. Here's a logical question: the kid they are having, how will he/she call the bearded man, dad or grand dad? His wife is now a Aunt as well as a grand mom. These are, usually funny, except that this is an exception.

Here goes the second.

CHENNAI: Smalin Jenita (23), a seven-month pregnant girl from Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu, is fighting brain injury and multiple fractures in a Chennai hospital after being allegedly pushed out of a moving car in the US. The reason, according to the girl’s father Sebastian Antonysamy, Jenita discovered an incestuous relationship between her husband Christy Danius and his mother Chellam, even as she was being harassed for dowry. Full story.

Sad is an understatement. These type of characters, I thought only existed in mega serials, extremely wicked villains, the ones who walk down the long regale stairs, always well made up with shiny lipstick and grand silk sarees (Sorgam villain). Yet again I'm wrong. To do such a deed, you have to be a psychiatric patient, something like a serial killer. I don't want to talk about other details, that the story touches. I don't have the words nor the courage.

3rd is a funny one.

MADURAI: A 33-year-old man in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu has married a dog in a bid to ward off the ‘curse’ of a canine couple he had killed 15 years ago. Full Story.

They get married. Then they drink the "aphrodisiacal" milk. Then Sit and watch Scooby doo all night?
Wake up and he would say "waadup dawg?" and then break ghost myths. (I would like to get into the shoes of Kushwant Singh, but I wont spoil my blog for it.) This would be a teaser to feminine activists, who fight to protect the ill-treated wives. The guy can call her 'bitch' as often as he wants and feminists cannot even say a word about it. Cost of running the family is less. Just old rusk and some chicken bones. He can have homosapien mistresses and yet 'she' would be loyal to him. The poor thing doesn't even understand what has happened. Someday the dead dog couple would talk to this dog wife, and they would seek revenge. Dr. Dolittle, we need you!

Somebody said marriages are made in heaven. Heaven doesn't seem to be a nice place. God save India. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brat said...

I read about the "man marrying dog" story a few days ago, and my first thoughts were - "What the fuck is wrong with this guy?". Anyway, the other two incidents sadden me to the core. Such actions are inexcusable, and I think this kind of behavior exemplifies the need for literacy and education in the backward villages of India. If the girl who was impregnated by her father was sensible enough to understand that she was being raped, and if she was educated enough to understand that she could initiate criminal proceedings against the rapist, justice could have been achieved at some level at least. Shocking! This reminds me of one story I read somewhere a long time ago. This guy in some remote village tried to "make love" to a cow, and something got stuck somewhere ;-) A cow has one of the strongest pelvic muscles among animals, I believe. Now what sorta loser would get turned on by a freakin cow? Anyway, he had to wait until the cow cooled off, to be detached from it. Funny, but true!

Macadamia The Nut said...

Makes you wonder what the world is coming to doesn't it?

Homosexuality is a matter of personal preference. I believe thats it not up to us to moralise. But incest? Rape?? EW!But you know what? It's not some new phenomena. Just read the Old Testament. It proves that even as far back as then incest was a realist. Its not some unknown disease plaguing us in the current century.

A friend of mine was recently dvorced. Reason? Her ex-husband and his mom were have a roaring affair. Somehow, when its this close to home, its even more scary.

Jadedism said...

do you believe in all media has to say? And the aftermath of such news..!

Yes, the news is shocking, there are people who when awakening to sexuality end up finding themselves in incestual relationships, but these pass away in time. The sad part is...when sex is so overrated, and outlets few, its the near n dear that get victimised.

Ever thought, if the girl was willing or initiated it, or even if her father is trying to protect her 'izzat' by calling someone else' baby his? It is weird n strange but not fer us to judge them! Nonetheless - Mankind is still a race of animals!!

Let dem live!

germinal dreamer said...

@brat : "somehting got stuck somewhr".. LOL

@Nut: true if its up close, its even more daunting... and it is a bit more comforting to hear its been happening for centuries... helps my scientific reasoning so to speak, its more of the genes that we carry than the thoughts that has plagued us.. rather genes are plagued by thots of our ancesters, neanderthals and his ancesters.. possibly.. someone pls ack.. i need some mental comforting :)

@ jaded: its even more spooky to think of it as 'girl initiating it'. Father protecting her, seems remotely possible for me, he wudn't cast a huge blasphemy on himself and his family for protecting someone from his family.. that too in the name of god.. it affects the name of the daughter even more for letting her father marry her and be spoken as impregnated by her own father.. but yeah we never know, anything is possible..

Macadamia The Nut said...

i guess humankkind has been going the full circle in everything - right from bell bottom pants to banging the brother.

:| oops. that wasn't supposed to sound that way.