Monday, August 08, 2005

Home away from home

his post is dedicated to my new permanent accomodation @

826 S claremont avenue, Apt#2,
chicago, IL 60612.

I tried sending to groups but the size exceeded the limits and hence i'm posting it...
Sorry for the delay in loading this page...

This is one bedroom with newly bought stuff in it

Another bedroom.........
Another bedroom.... yeah its a 3 bedroom apt with guys in it...
Me, Siddharth, Sai prasad, VIjay krish and Sirish apparantly others haven't moved in then...
Corridor with 3 bedrooms and a common bathroom doors on the left... straight door is our balcony
This is a fridge, baking oven and shelfs(this comes with the house) and an oven(which u see in the pic) and a mixer are the ones we bought
kitchen again

me and sid
My roomie Siddharth boiling milk in oven...(see we dint give up on our heritage/culture/religion et al)

The above one is our pooja shelf...


sreekumar said...

hi da
iam happy that ur following our culture tradition ethical values etc..
anyway all the best for ur studies
do let me know about WWE especially abt The Rock

machee NewYork Yankees is the best team in US Baseball league

i hope ur watching cricket
anyway have a nice time and God Bless u

Baloo said...

Hi da,

So nice to see your blog. It has become active all of a sudden!! Nice that you hav put ur pics also.

After i read ur blog i was sitting with a gaping mouth... such nice wordings!

Keep posting and i will keep reading!

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